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Luxury Cleaning & Preservation Services

Preserve the Beauty & Integrity of Your Space

Luxury environs have special needs above and beyond the scope of most cleaning services. Our Professional Grade Cleaning Services are designed to restore and preserve the beauty and integrity of rare and delicate fabrics, imported wood floors, expensive tile surfaces, handmade woodworking and cabinetry, imported marble surfaces, delicate leather furniture, fine art and other investments.

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Premium Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Grade Cleaning Service

At Quality Clean, our commitment to our craft is more than just a job. Clean is a way of life. This dedication to quality is what sets Quality Clean apart from our competitors. We always take the extra step, go the extra distance, do the extra work to ensure that our clients get extra attention and extra satisfaction.

Because of the unique challenges and strict requirements for cleaning these expensive features, Professional Grade Cleaning Service locations must undergo a discreet appraisal prior to initiating services. Special equipment, supplies, and other specialty requirements will then be assessed. We will do extensive research to ensure we are not only cleaning these high-end locations, but preserving their design, beauty, and value for generations to come. After all, the last thing we want is to de-value an object or location by cleaning it with a destructive or corrosive reagent.

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An Elevated Cleaning Experience for Discerning Clients

Quality Clean is dedicated to providing the highest-quality services to every client we work with. But some spaces require a higher level of performance that regular cleaning services just don’t measure up to. For discerning home and business owners who want the best of everything, Quality Clean offers our luxury cleaning and preservation services.

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For Customers that Deserve the Best of Everything
Designed for clients that prioritize luxury, and for whom appearance is everything. This service is only available to select Quality Clean customers, and is designed for the specific needs of executive offices, large estates, historical landmarks, museums, galleries, luxury automotive dealerships, 5-star restaurants, high-end resorts and hotels, country clubs, luxe nightclubs and venues, cigar lounges, and other premium locations.
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